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Menehune Quilts...
the Hawaiian Way

Designed and written by Elizabeth Root, with illustrations by Tammy Yee

Menehune Quilts...the Hawaiian WayWhether you're an experienced quilter, a novice or an admirer of Hawaiian quilts, Menehune Quilts...the Hawaiian Way is sure to be a wonderful addition to your Hawaiian quilt library. Richly illustrated, it makes the perfect gift for quilting friends!

Featuring 20 original Elizabeth Root designs for small wall (24 inch) quilt projects and the art of Hawaii artist Tammy Yee.

Patterns include: breadfruit, cactus flower, croton leaves, crown flower (with monarch butterflies), crown & kahili, day lily, dolphin, fish, forget-me-not, guava, lehua blossom, palm leaf, passion flower, pineapple, plumeria blossom, royal poinciana, silversword, spiderlily, white ginger and wild orchid.

Soft cover, full color, 108 pages.
ISBN 1-885804-18-0

Plumeria quilt sample from Menehune Quilts

From Sharon Darling's Quilters Review~
"Hawaiian Quilts You've Got To Try
When I opened the package that contained Elizabeth Root's new book, Menehune Quilts, I remembered the feeling I had as a girl when I got a reward for being good. What a magical book! Elizabeth successfully designed her book to both delight and educate her reader.

Menehune Quilts looks different than other quilt books, both inside and out. Elizabeth's book is square, almost the size and shape of a children's book. But it has many more pages than a children's book, all filled with Elizabeth's wonderful original quilt designs and color photographs of each quilt.

In addition, Elizabeth's book contains many charming illustrations of Menehune people, a race of tiny, mischievous, but sweet Polynesians. Tammy Yee's wonderful illustrations of people and native plants and flowers are done in a style that adds to the impression the book is written for children.

But Elizabeth's quilts are not kids' stuff. Her work is truly beautiful. To see a few of the quilts from her book, look in the Elizabeth Root Gallery on her web site.

Multi-Color Foreground
After a brief history of Hawaiian quilting covering traditions and superstitions, Elizabeth provides patterns for 20 original designs based on plants, flowers, and fish found around her home in Hawaii.

In addition to the contrasting foreground/background typical of most Hawaiian quilts, Elizabeth introduces a multi-color foreground option. These multi-color designs add much interest and depth to the Hawaiian quilting designs.

Elizabeth includes cutting diagrams for single as well as for multi-color designs along with a materials list, fabric suggestions, and a description of the plant or animal depicted on the quilt.

All of the designs in this book finish at 24 inches square. But Elizabeth includes suggestions for reducing and enlarging patterns. She makes suggestions for your quilts and for getting into the right frame of mind to make your project.

How To Make A Hawaiian Quilt
Elizabeth includes a How-to section on the basics of Hawaiian quilting. And she includes a separate section on adding borders and finishing your quilt. All of the information she provides is straight-forward, friendly, and easy to understand.

I've always thought Hawaiian quilting was beautiful. But I've never wanted to make a Hawaiian quilt -- until now. Elizabeth's multi-color designs are stunning and are constantly dancing around in my mind. My only problem is choosing which design to do first.

I've looked through this book at least 50 times, convinced I'll be able to pick my favorite or at least my first choice. I've narrowed it down to three. I love the fish of Hawaii. But that is probably because of my scuba diving background. Then I decide I really like the Wild Orchid, with its orchid flowers with yellow centers and lovely green foliage.

Then I look at the thumbnail pictures of the quilts in the table of contents to get a overall view. I pick different designs altogether as my favorites. I'm still trying to decide which one to make first.

I'm sure you will enjoy this book as much as I do."

More Reviews~
"Just received my copy of Menehune Quilts in the mail. What a spectacular book! I want to make all 20 patterns! This book is significant in that it has the beauty of a 'coffee table' book, yet it has terrific patterns for active quilters. And it is also amazing because it would be perfect for a new Hawaiian quilter as well as one who has done many Hawaiian pieces. Keep up the great work, Elizabeth! "
Beth Cook, Colorado Springs, CO
"Quilt designer Elizabeth Root has a gorgeous new book illustrated by Tammy Yee. Root's 'Menehune Quilts, the Hawaiian Way' (ERDHI, $24.95) will be in stores in December. It's charmingly illustrated and full of solid instruction."
From The Honolulu Advertiser, November 20, 2001

E. Root Elizabeth Root, born and raised in Hawaii, has been designing Hawaiian quilts for the past 20 years. Her work is internationally known and her original designs are in myriad private collections around the world. In the early 80's her company published "Hawaiian Designin' Quarterly" which helped to spread the art of Hawaiian quilting to thousands of subscribers and subsequently led to her company publishing over a dozen books of her own work and that of other designers in Hawaiian quilting and counted cross stitch. Elizabeth lives on windward Oahu amidst spectacular scenery and flower gardens from which her designs flow.

Start your Hawaiian quilt collection with a free Breadfruit ('Ulu) Hawaiian quilt pattern and quilting instructions from the Menehune Quilts site.

Or visit QuiltsHawaii.com for more quilting patterns, instructions, free Hawaiian quilting internet cards, forums, galleries and more.

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Copyright 2001 ERDHI, Inc. No portion of "Menehune Quilts...the Hawaiian Way" may be reproduced without prior written permission from ERDHI, Inc.

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