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The Ugly 'Elepaio

Written and Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Island Heritage, 1998

Cover In the misty rain forests that skirt Kilauea Volcano lives an unsightly chick named Liko. With his orange skin and sparse feathers, Liko is taunted by the other forest birds. This adaptation of the classic Ugly Duckling tale follows Liko as he blossoms into a scarlet i'iwi, a beautiful honeycreeper. Also included is a glossary that teaches children about the birds of the Hawaiian rain forest.

ISBN No. 0-89610-002-2

32 Pages

Mama and Papa find Liko

Beneath the leaf was a tiny chick, wet and shivering. Its skin was bright orange-pink. It had matted gray down above each eye and on top of its head. And when he opened his mouth, auwe!

"I don't think he will live," warned Papa. "He looks awful."

"No, Papa," smiled Mama as she cradled the chick in the fold of her wings. "He looks beautiful."

-Excerpt from "The Ugly 'Elepaio"

"Author Tammy Yee is a talented storyteller...Yee's paintings are professional, her nature scenes lovely."
From The Honolulu Advertiser, February 6, 1999
"'The Ugly 'Elepaio' is a wonderful story, written and illustrated by Tammy Yee, about a baby bird, named Liko, who is different, and therefor, is considered ugly! This book is an excellent story to tell to kids in the intermediate grades because it introduces us into the Hawaiian culture. ..they can decode the Hawaiian words while maintaining an understanding for, without distraction from, the storyline and the amazing illustrations."
From the The Children's Literature Presentation Online Review and Teaching Plan, The University of British Columbia's Department of Language & Literacy Education

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Copyright 2007 Tammy Yee

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