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Travel n' Stuff 4 Kids

Who said Rome wasn't built in a day? Learn about and build Constantine's Arch and the Roman Colosseum!



Science: Space Shuttle
Since 1981, six Space Shuttles, or STSs (Space Transportation Systems) as NASA calls them, have flown on more than 120 missions, carrying payloads weighing up to 50,000 pounds--that's as heavy as four full grown elephants! And did you know that the shuttle has two Solid Rocket Boosters that are only two feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty, yet weighs three times as much? Combined, they consume 11,000 pounds of fuel per second, or two million times the gas mileage of an average family car!
Fascinating Frogs: Surinam Toad
How would you like to give birth from craters on your back? The Surinam toad is one nature's most unusual creatures. Dad pushes Mom's pea-sized eggs into the spongy skin on her back. Learn more, and watch a video of a Surinam toad giving birth!

Science: Soap
Why is NASA astronaut and scientist Don Pettit making a candy corn glob aboard the Internationl Space Station? To demostrate how soap works. Learn more and watch Don Pettit experimenting!


Print and color Baby Honu and Friends.

Count and Color Creatures of the Reef

Origami Sea Otter

Origami Swallowtail Butterfly

Uncle Sam Origami

Independence Day Paper Plane Eagle

Print and fold an Space Shuttle Paper Airplane or a Space Shuttle Paper Model on my new kid's activity and learning site, Origami n' Stuff 4 Kids.

Humpback Whale Origami

Origami Tiger

Dollar Bill Crafts and Origami

Paper Bag Puppets

Origami Owls

Owl Origami


It's a mouse invasion! Where's the Pied Piper when you need him?

Mouse Origami

It seems we've gone rodent-crazy. This month you can print and fold Mice Origami...brown mice, white mice, grey mice and even...


Blind mice!

If you've got some bunnies left over from Easter, why not paste or tape popsicle sticks to the back of your bunny and mice origami to create stick puppets for a Bunny Foo-foo or Three Blind Mice puppet show?

And for the itty-bitty keiki (kids), print and read-a-longs:

Bunny Foo-foo Rebus
Three Blind Mice Rebus



On The Crafts Page:
Keep an eye out for more of Cosmo's creations on the Crafts Page...we'll be posting his Mouse Box Critter soon!

Cool Keiki Links
DLTK's Printable Crafts for Kids
Features children's crafts, coloring pages, projects for holidays and educational themes. Printable templates suitable for ages 2 and up. - Our Original Paper Toys
Get your printer warmed up, because once you start printing and assembling these beautiful paper models, you won't be able to stop yourself! This is a highly recommended site. My creative consultant, Cosmo, spent hours and a color ink cartridge creating cats, cars, cartoon characters, lobsters, hummingbirds and more.

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Fact Monster
Conversion tables, math, science, history, online games and cool stuff. Fact Monster is informative, entertaining, and educational.

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