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Mouse Origami

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Mouse Origami
Print mice
Blind Mouse Origami
Print Three Blind Mice
What can you do with your mice?

Have a campfire Bunny Foo-foo Puppet show by taping popsicle sticks onto the back of the mice, fold Bunny Foo-foo, and bop your mice.

Or, fold three blind mice, tape popsicle sticks on the back and have a Three Blind Mice singalong.

OR fold the characters and make a mini-book.

Bunny Foo-foo Rebus
Three Blind Mice Rebus

Cut out image along outer solid lines.

Fold back along diagonal line A.

Fold back along diagonal line B.

Fold forward along line C.

Your origami should be creased along the red lines as shown.

Carefully fold along creases into a "tent" form as shown.

Fold ear up along line D.

Fold tip of ear back along line E

Form head by folding back along diagonal line F.

Fold back tip of nose as shown.

Fold back along line G

Fold hind leg forward along line H.

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Bunny Foo-foo and Three Blind Mice Rebus

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