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A True Princess of Hawai'i

Written by Beth Greenway, illustrated by Tammy Yee
Arbordale Publishing

BEHIND THE SCENES: View rough sketches and research photos for this book here.

Nani has always dreamed of being a princess. When a real Hawaiian princess comes to her hometown of Hilo, Nani dresses in her best clothes. But as she watches Princess Luka, who has come to save the town from a volcanic lava flow, Nani learns that there is more to being a princess than fine clothes. This incredible story of kindness and generosity is based on the historical 1880-1881 eruption of Mauna Loa on the Island of Hawai'i and the real-life Princess Luka.
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Easy Bird Origami

Written & illustrated by Tammy Yee
Dover Publications

From familiar birds of the Western hemisphere — the Baltimore Oriole, Black-Capped Chickadee, and Northern Cardinal — to Asia's Strawberry Finch, Africa's Lilac-Breasted Roller, Australia's Red-Backed Kite, and the Flame Bowerbird of New Guinea, these 30 original models offer folding fun for bird lovers and origami enthusiasts of all ages.

Suitable even for beginning paperfolders, the bird models feature simple folding instructions, and fun facts about each species!
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Iki, the Littlest 'Opihi

Written & illustrated by Tammy Yee
Island Heritage Publishing

2nd Edition with fun, new artwork!

'Opihi are known to live by clinging to rocky shores and can withstand the mightiest waves. Amongst all snails and slugs, Hawaii loves the 'opihi best of all. Our story follows Iki, the littlest 'opihi. Iki understands the duties of his kind: 'opihi stick together no matter what, but Iki doesn't feel like settling down and seeks adventures in the open ocean. When an 'opihi picker visits Iki's rock, will he finally be able to "stick to it"?
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Chasing the Sun:
An Island Adventure for Kids

Written by Masserman Brothers, illustrated by Tammy Yee
Chasing it All Publishing

Where does the sun go right after it sets, when the sky turns pink and the day goes to rest?

In his quest to find the sun, Tiki and his friends journey through jungles, beaches and mountaintops--and discover so much more.
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Wanda's Humpback Hula Show

Written by Marian Parks, illustrated by Tammy Yee
Nature Tale Books

When Wanda's new baby brother arrives, she feels left out and miserable . . . until she cleverly hulas her way to humpback fame. Wanda delights in her newfound stardom, but one day a careless mistake ruins everything. It will take an apology to fix this mess!

Kids will enjoy Wanda's entertaining antics, but they'll also learn about the North Pacific humpback whale migration--and that sometimes, they need to say, "I'm sorry."

For Teacher's Guide, Coloring Pages and Reading Journals, visit http://naturetalebooks.com/books/. Preview Wanda's Humpback Hula Show.

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