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Origami n' Stuff 4 Kids


Space Shuttle Paper Model

Space Shuttle Paper Airplane

Paper Bag Puppets

Boy's Day Koi Kite

Dollar Bill Crafts and Origami

Count and Color Creatures of the Reef



Mouse Origami

It's rodent month on the Keiki Page! We've put together a couple of rebuses for tiny tots to read along, with ideas for puppet shows using print-and-fold origami:

Bunny Foo-foo Rebus
Three Blind Mice Rebus

And be sure to check back later, because Cosmo will post a Mouse Box Critter that he's designed.

Craft Projects:

Geometric Models

Snowflake Ball
Assembled with pre-printed hexagons and pentagons.

Star Ball
Assembled with pentagons.

Valentine Heart Ball
Equilateral Triangles

Cosmo's Critters

Easter Bunny Box

Paper Airplanes

Space Shuttle Paper Airplane


Boy's Day Koi Kite

Bunny Foo-foo Rebus and Puppet Show

Three Blind Mice Rebus and Puppet Show

Ocean Diorama
Print and fold marine wildlife and assemble an Ocean Diorama.

Paper Bag Puppets

Space Shuttle Paper Model

Mahalo Nui Loa To Cosmo Custodio, my creative consultant.

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FreePaperToys.com - Our Original Paper Toys
Get your printer warmed up, because once you start printing and assembling these beautiful paper models, you won't be able to stop yourself! This is a highly recommended site. My creative consultant, Cosmo, spent hours and a color ink cartridge creating cats, cars, cartoon characters, lobsters, hummingbirds and more.

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