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Valentine Heart Ball

Assemble this geometric model using pre-printed equilateral triangles.
Difficulty: Easy

20 (4 copies) Heart Equilateral Triangles
Tape or glue

1. Print 4 copies of Heart triangles.

2. Cut out pieces along solid, outer circle. You should have a total of 20 circles.

3. Prepare your triangles by folding the white "tabs" forward as shown. Repeat on all three sides of each triangle.

4. Use the white tabs to tape or glue 5 triangles together as shown. Repeat so that you have two "ball ends" of 5 triangles each.

(At this point, you may choose to tape the two ball ends together and decorate with a ribbon to make a Valentine ornament, or proceed to assemble a ball)

5. Tape or glue 5 triangles to each "ball end" as shown.

6. Tape or glue the two ends together to assemble your model as shown...

OR you can construct a star-shaped ornament by glueing the two ends back to back.

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