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Challenge the computer in this version of the classic game of strategy. Contributed to The JavaScript Source by Jason Hotchkiss.

Play a classic game of checkers against the computer.

Connect 4
Grab a friend and connect four of your color to win!

Life Counter
Ever wanted to find out exactly how old you are in days, hours and minutes? Not!

Math Quiz
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division...are you up to the challenge? Contributed to The JavaScriptSource by Anja Henseler.

Memorize this ocean scene and see how well you do! Not as easy as it looks...

Try to eliminate pegs on the board by hopping. Contributed to The JavaScript Source by Erik Gos.

Raise a virtual friend. Contributed to The JavaScript Source by "Paul".

Guess the U.S. President in a game of Hangman. Contributed to The JavaScript Source by Rick Glusick.

Tic Tac Toe
Play against the computer. Contributed to The JavaScript Source by Maximilian Stocker.

What's your Chinese Horoscope? Free script from JAVAFILE.COM.

These games and more are available free online at:
JavaFILE...FREE Java and Javascripts!

Other Sites with Free Games and Activities
Billy Bear's Playground - Billy Bear 4 billy bear
Storybooks, clipart, screensavers, holiday fun and games.

Free family fun and games.

Kids Domain

Koconut Keiki Fun Club
Hawaii-themed games and activities.
If you haven't caught on to the neopets craze yet, check it out. You create a virtual pet and explore a virtual world with shops, banks, safety deposit boxes, auctions, guilds, and of course, games. I thought the "Shop" link would connect me to a commercial page, but no, it was a shop to "buy" virtual pet food, books and toys for your neopet using, what else, virtual neopoints earned from playing games. Teaches kids basic economics, with an interest-earning virtual bank, virtual stock market, and more. Did I say it was all virtual? Well, it is. And it's free.
Cartoons and online arcade.

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