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Island-Style Alphabet

Written and Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Island Heritage, 2000

Island Style Alphabet Where else in the world is A for A'ama, B for Bon dance, and C for Chinese lion? Only in Hawai'i nei!

Dedicated to the keiki of Hawai'i, Island-Style Alphabet celebrates Hawai'i's local culture with familiar island sights. A helpful addendum encourages children to search for hidden alphabet objects on every page. A matching coloring and sticker workbook is also available.

ISBN 0-89610-442-7

40 Pages

C is for Chinese Lion


"The beauty of Tammy Yee's newest children's book is in the details...for example, the letter 'C' depicts a Chinese lion dancing through a Chinatown street. What makes Yee's book delightful are the other 'C' objects that surround the drawing's focal point: char siu hanging from skewers, a chicken being chased by a claws-out cat that is wearing a carnation lei, coffee berries on a bush planted in a can, a boy holding a crab with chopsticks and the chiles on his plate, a woman wearing a cheongsam with embroidered chrysanthemums and holding a camera, a little boy playing with a toy car, pieces of hard candy, cups on a shelf, chicks on the collar of a girl's dress, another girl with a crown flower lei, and a cricket eluding the chicken. An addendum lists some of the objects in each illustration, but not all of them, so older children- and even adults- will enjoy searching the pictures."
From The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, June 30, 2000

S is for Sumotori

S is for Sumotori

Six surfing sumotori starting a sushi business

Set out to sea on surfboards to deliver with finesse.

Said one soggy surfer, "My friends, I am thinking,

That due to our large size, our enterprise is sinking."

-Excerpt from "Island-Style Alphabet"
"(Island-style Alphabet) contains Hawaiiana nursery rhymes complemented by colorful illustrations portraying the different cultures, traditions, cuisines and traits that originated from the various ancestries and nationalities which have made the Islands their home."
From the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, July 2, 2000
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View Matching Island-Style Alphabet Coloring and Activity Book

Copyright 2007 Tammy Yee

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