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Pueo Origami
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Pueo (Hawaiian Short-eared Owl) Origami

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Pueo Origami
Print a Pueo
From the Award-Winning Children's Book

Lullaby Moon
Written by Elaine Masters
Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Island Heritage, 2002
ISBN: 0-89610-495-8

Lullaby Moon
A dreamy adventure about Koa, a little Hawaiian boy who would rather play outside than fall asleep. Koa soon finds himself befriended by an owl, or Pueo, who takes him on a magical exploration of the island's wildlife. Under the watchful gaze of Lullaby Moon, Koa learns how bats, bees and green sea turtles spend their night. With boldly illustrated lift-a-flaps and a musical CD by Malia Elliot, of the popular performing and songwriting duo, Leon & Malia.

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Cut out image along outer solid lines.

A. Fold in half along diagonal line. Unfold.
B. Repeat the diagonal fold on other side. Unfold.
C. Fold down along horizontal line. Unfold.

D. Your origami should be creased as shown.

Carefully fold along creases, forming a "tent" as illustrated.

A. Turn origami over.
B & C. Fold diagonally on both sides, as illustrated.

A & B. Form tail by folding diagonally on both sides, as illustrated.
Pueo OrigamiPueo Origami

Turn over. You can leave your pueo's wings open or you may fold the wings as shown.
Your pueo is ready to fly!

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