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Aloha Shirt Origami

Aloha Shirt Origami

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1a. Cut out image along outer solid lines.
b. Turn origami over so that printed side is facing down.

2a. Fold along vertical line A.
b. Fold along vertical line B.
c. Fold collar back along horizontal line C.

3a. Fold along diagonal line D.
b. Fold along diagonal line E.
Now your collar is finished.

4a. Fold up along horizontal line F.
b. Crease diagonally as shown.
c. Repeat diagonal crease on opposite side as shown.

5a. Unfold the diagonal creases you made in steps 4b and 4c.
Your origami should have diagonal crease marks as shown by the blue lines.
b. Pull sleeve out along diagonal creases as shown.
c. Repeat on opposite side as shown.

Fold body of shirt up, under collar as shown. Now your Aloha Shirt is pau (done)!

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