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Thanksgiving Pilgrim Origami

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Origami

Fold a Pilgrim Hat in time for Thanksgiving!

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1a. Cut out image along outer solid lines.
b. Turn your origami over, with the printed side facing down. Fold toward center along line A.
c. Repeat fold along line B.

2a. Cut out red triangles marked C and D.
b. Your origami, with the triangles cut out, should appear as shown.


c. Fold along line E as shown.
d. Fold along line F as shown.

3a. Fold up along G.
b. Fold diagonally on H.


c. Fold diagonally on I.
d. Unfold H and I. Your origami should appear as shown, with diagonal creases marked in blue.

4a. "Pull out" corner of hat brim and fold along line H as shown.
b. Repeat on other side, pulling out and folding along line I as shown.
c. Turn your origami over. It should appear as shown.

5a. Fold up along line J.
b. Fold back along L.


c. Fold back along K.
d. Fold back along M.

You can paste your Pilgrim's hat onto a smiling face, make a Thanksgiving card, or paste it onto a paper ring to create napkin rings for your holiday table. Happy Thanksgiving!

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