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Christmas Angel Origami

Christmas Angel Origami

Fold an angel ornament in time for the holidays!

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1a. Cut out angel faces along outer solid line (you have two to choose from).
b. Cut out angel body along outer solid line.
c. Turn angel body over so that printed side is facing down.

2a. Crease along diagonal line "A". Unfold.
b. Crease along diagonal line "B" as shown. Unfold.
c. Turn paper over so that printed side faces up.
d. Crease down along horizontal line "C". Unfold.

3a. Carefully fold back along creased lines to form a "tent" as shown.
b. Fold angel's robe back along line "D".
c. Fold angel's robe back along line "E".
Your angel's wings should be visible behind robes, as shown.

4a. Trim bottom of angel's robes along line "F".
b. Dab a spot of glue on angel's neck (or you may use tape).
c. Attach angel's face and your Christmas Angel is pau (finished)! Mele Kalikimaka!

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